For over 12 Years we have been the official North American importer for  Arktis Products. From our U.S. warehouse, we ship products directly. All Customs duties and International shipping costs are already handled for our U.S. customers.

Arktis produces a cutting-edge line of top quality products designed from the beginning for Performance, Function, Fit, and Durability. For 22 Years, all Arktis Products have been proudly manufactured in Europe, our strongest allies in the Global War on Terror. Only the finest materials are used in all Arktis Products.

Testing and Development is our constant. We are always working with many of the World’s premier military, security, and police professionals, tuning and refining our products.  Meeting the specific and unique requirements of these elite units with custom-designed products is, and will remain, our primary mission.  Elite units whose missions include Counter-Terrorism, Dog Handling, EOD, Counter-Drug, Long Range Patrolling, Snipping, Medic and Surveillance entrust Arktis Products for their particular needs.  From Peacekeeping in Bosnia and East Timor, to Special Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, to your local “rough neighborhood”, you can entrust Arktis Products for your needs as well.

All Arktis Products come with a full warranty and assurance of complete satisfaction.

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